A Brief Introduction to a New Hair Loss Restoration Procedure

Hair simulation

For a while, men could choose to fight back against their baldness with hair pieces, transplants, drugs, or even hair-from-a-can. While some of these treatments are effective for some men, there is a laundry list of cons associated with each treatment or procedure. Only recently, scalp micropigmentation has come to the forefront as a viable alternative for hair restoration. A hair simulation tattoo creates the appearance of real hair, and involves no harmful drugs, nor the invasiveness or complication of a surgery.

However, if you are considering a hair tattoo, there are a few things that you should remember.

Don’t run to your nearest tattoo artist.

The simple fact of the matter is that not everyone knows how to tattoo hair. It’s not just about putting a few dots down, and calling the results tattoo hair designs. Part of what is necessary to create an effective illusion is finding natural and aesthetic hair lines. Also, the pigmentation in the tattoo needs to perfectly match the correct shades of your skin, and your natural hair color.

Those who do know how to tattoo hair use special tools.

Compared to hair implantation, a hair simulation tattoo is cheap at about $3,500 dollars for a procedure. Part of this cost is a reflection of the use of specialized, hygienic, and disposable ultra-fine needles, and pigmentations that don’t behave like normal tattoo ink. Without these special tools, and without the expertise of a professional who knows how to create the illusion, a hair tattoo would hardly look like real hair.

Scalp pigmentation treatment works for more than just complete baldness.

Did you know that a hair tattoo for men could help to disguise a scar? Whether the scar is a result of a failed transplant or an accident, a good hair simulation tattoo can disguise the scar, helping to banish self-consciousness.

Those who do know how to tattoo hair are often employed by companies that specialize in creating quality hair simulations. They have the training, the tools, and the understanding of what it takes to transform the tattoo process from statement of personality, to a restoration of the natural appearance of hair. If you are considering scalp micropigmentation, remember that the professionals will deliver the best results, and allow you to be confident in the illusion.

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