4 Types of Canes for Those with Mobility Issues

Part of life that is impossible to avoid is aging. Statistics gathered from the Institute on Aging found that, by 2050, those who are 85 years old or older will make for 5% of the world’s population. As people age, it’s likely that the need for medical equipment will increase. In fact, one study from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found that retail spending for medical equipment during 2015 had reached a total of $48.5 billion. Many popular types of medical equipment are made to help with mobility issues. These mobility accessories include wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. While you might think there aren’t many types of canes available, this isn’t true. Considering that, here are four popular types of canes for those with mobility problems.

  1. Canes with Grip Assistance

    Whether choosing a cane or walker, it’s important to have something with a good grip. That being said, many individuals are unable to hold a standard cane. Using a traditional cane with a curved handle can place to much pressure on the wrists. With that in mind, an orthopedic grip cane is perfect for those with grip issues. These canes feature a flatter handle that makes it easier for those with grip issues to have adequate support.
  2. Quad Canes

    Certain individuals might find that a standard care doesn’t provide enough support. This is commonly the case with individuals who have extreme balance issues. If you or someone you know has advanced mobility problems, consider utilizing quad canes. These items have four posts at the bottom, making them similar to walkers.
  3. Decorative Canes

    It’s understandable to want something different than the standard cane. Certain individuals want to have stylish canes that are decorative. In turn, this allows someone to express their personality with the type of walking device they utilize.
  4. Canes Made from Aluminum

    If you want a cane that is light, consider owning one made from aluminum. This material is often used in bicycles to provide durability without sacrificing strength. You’ll find that many aluminum canes are able to safely support 250 lbs of weight.

In closing, there are many types of canes to consider using. Whether used as an outdoor or home safety aid, canes help to prevent those with mobility issues from falling down. That being said, there are numerous types of canes to choose from. Those with grip strength issues might prefer a cane with an orthopedic grip. Quad canes work well for those who are unable to obtain balance with a standard cane. If you’re looking for something lightweight, consider an aluminum cane. For those looking to spruce up their walking aids, consider checking out decorative canes.

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