4 Problems That People With Hyperhidrosis Live With

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Hyperhidrosis is the name of the condition given to people who sweat in an excessive manner. Statistics show that there are nearly 8 million Americans that live with this condition that causes them to sweat four to five times more than the average person. In addition, 30-50% of those living with hyperhidrosis have another family member affected by this same condition. Constant sweating is something that many people want to seek treatment for immediately. With that in mind, many people are turning to what is known as iontophoresis or a machine that is made to stop hyperhidrosis. Considering that, here are four problems that people living with hyperhidrosis often deal with on a daily basis.

  1. Feeling Embarrassed by Constantly Sweating

    Treating hyperhidrosis is often done in order to help those suffering from this condition put an end to daily embarrassments. Many of these embarrassments have to do with trying to cover up excess sweat spots on their clothing. It’s often embarrassing for someone to try and go on dates or out with friends while constantly having to cover up the side effects of hyperhidrosis.
  2. Ruining Countless Amounts of Clothing

    Over time, excessive sweating can begin to damage and discolor certain types of apparel. You don’t want to find that all of your favorite types of clothing are covered with yellow stains caused by excessive sweating. Another type of damage that can be caused to clothing occurs when someone trying to stop hyperhidrosis aims to fix this problem by applying too much antiperspirant. You’ll commonly recognize clothes that have been damaged by antiperspirant overuse by their distinctive white stains near the armpit areas.
  3. Possibility of Dealing With Infections

    Excessive sweat isn’t only embarrassing, it can cause damage to the skin. You’ll find that many people who sweat excessively must deal with skin infections including athlete’s foot and jock itch. Both of the previously mentioned conditions are known to be painful and bothersome. Finding a way to stop hyperhidrosis often means putting an end to dealing with a lot of skin infections throughout your life.
  4. Covering Odor Associated With Excessive Sweating

    Many types of sweat contain bacteria. It’s easy to confuse sweat at what causes body odor but it’s actually the bacteria in this liquid that causes this unpleasant scent. Unfortunately, sweating a lot can cause someone to begin to smell unpleasant which can be extremely hard to deal with. No one wants to live each day having to apply seemingly endless amounts of spray and perfumes to themselves.

In closing, there are several problems that people living hyperhidrosis often experience. Hyperhidrosis causes someone to sweat excessively which can be especially embarrassing while that person is in social situations. Those living with hyperhidrosis have to deal with ruining large amounts of their clothing, both through antiperspirant and sweat damage. Many people want to stop hyperhidrosis in their lives to avoid dealing with smells associated with large amounts of sweat being emitted from the body.

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