3 Ways Skilled Nursing Facilities Can Help You Help Your Loved Ones

Long term care facility

Being a caregiver is can be challenging, especially when it comes to make decisions regarding the care and well being of your loved one. Making such decisions on their behalf involves considering several different options, many of which require even more thought and consideration! As such, it’s easy to see how the stress of caring for a loved one in need can be both physically and emotionally taxing!

When most people think of skilled nursing facilities, they think these facilities are designed only for those who need care. And while this is their top priority, skilled nursing facilities can also support caregivers in providing the care their loved ones need and deserve. Whether your loved one is currently in rehabilitation or needs long term treatment, the benefits of skilled nursing facilities remain the same!

Here are just three out of many ways in which a skilled nursing facility can help both caregivers and the loved ones they care for.

Availability and range of healthcare services

Unlike assisted living homes, a long term care facility provide nursing and medical services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The highly skilled nursing staff is vigilant in caring for the needs of your loved ones, carefully watching for any changes or early warning signs and communicating this critical information to healthcare providers. In addition, pharmacists at skilled nursing facilities provide an additional layer of expert care. Under the guidance of a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant, nurses and caregivers can develop a personalized care plans for residents.

Physical activity

Regular physical activity is a critical aspect of enjoying a healthy life, and this is especially true for those in rehabilitation. The staff at skilled nursing facilities can assist residents in engaging in physical activity at levels that are comfortable for them. Becoming completely sedentary while recovering from an injury or even as a senior can serious health consequences. Skilled nursing centers provide a range of both physical and mental exercises such as yoga and water therapy that support a healthy lifestyle for their residents.

Social and spiritual support

Residents facing a long physical recovery or those who are elderly often experience loneliness and even isolation at times. This can contribute to feelings of depression or lack of purpose, and such negative emotions can actually hurt the healing process. Skilled nursing centers provide a range of activities and spiritual support that help residents remain engaged and find joy in connecting with others. This sense of community can do wonders in terms of supporting residents in maintaining a positive attitude and feelings of belonging.

Although these benefits are designed for the residents living at skilled nursing centers, they have can also have a dramatic impact on the families, caregivers, and loved ones of residents. The peace of mind provided by skilled nursing centers is a priceless gift to the families of residents, allowing them to feel confident in the care their loved ones are receiving.

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