3 Situations Where You Need a Patient Advocate

Throughout life, you’re likely going to need medical care. Considering that, certain types of medical situations might be more serious than others. With that in mind, it’s important to learn about situations where you might need a patient care advocate. Here are three situations when it’s wise to have a health care advocate on your side.

  1. Mysterious Medical Bills Begin Piling Up

    In most cases, healthcare facilities send accurate bills. However, there are times when mistakes occur. Research from the CDC reports that almost 33% of families throughout the United States struggle to pay their medical bills. If you’re dealing with medical bills amounts that don’t make sense, it might be time to consider hiring a health care advocate. These professionals can help you understand complex medical bills. After receiving medical bills that seem odd, contact someone who specializes in patient care advocacy.

  2. You Require Long Term Care

    Many people find themselves dealing with serious medical ailments. In turn, these ailments might require you to receive long term care. This often means speaking with lots of medical professionals about treatment options. Dealing with this is sometimes too much to deal with, especially if you’re a senior citizen. One study found that almost 80% of seniors suffer from at least one chronic ailment. If you’re needing treatment for chronic diseases, it’s helpful to have a care guardian on your side. A care guardian will work to help you find the best treatment while speaking with medical professionals on your behalf.

  3. Your Ailment Makes It Difficult to Concentrate

    Certain people struggle with making decisions due to a disease. Others might find it hard to concentrate because of a medication. Research shows that almost 29% of adults throughout the United States take five or more medications. If you’re having difficulties concentrating, you’re likely not wanting to make important medical decisions. Considering that, you’ll want to think about having an adult guardian on your side who can make decisions for you.

To summarize, there are several reasons to seek out a health care advocate. Healthcare advocates help patients from all walks of life deal with complicated medical situations. If you’re having trouble handling a medical situation on your own, contact an adult guardian.

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