21st Century Marketing and a look at Acupuncture Websites

Acupuncture advertising

A study conducted by comScore qSearch showed that there are 4.9 billion searches done on the internet every month. That translates to 1,890 web searches each second. When my friend, Janice (who is new in marketing) asked me how she might better promote her clientele of acupuncture websites, I referred her to the, according to 34 percent of marketers, “very effective” lead generation tactic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO marketing consists of publishing online articles and blog posts using keywords that people commonly type into their preferred search engines in order to link to a client business (such as respective acupuncture websites) which bumps that given company up on the search engine results page.
Since most searchers click on one of the top 5 results on the page (underneath the sponsored SERP links, which 80 percent of search engine users report to often ignore). By generating more content containing these frequent use of these keywords, the marketers linked client is able to move up the results list and, therefore, receive more hits to their acupuncture websites. I explained to Janice that this has been proven to work for all sorts of sites, such as health insurance websites, dental websites, construction equipment websites, fitness websites, and yes, acupuncture websites.
I reminded Janice not to ignore the benefits of online marketing for her acupuncture advertising campaign. I told her to post certain little known aspects of the holistic treatment on her acupuncture websites and their respective Facebook pages, since the amount of marketers who find Facebook “critical” or “important” to their marketing models has increased 83 percent in two years. For example, I advised her to post about how many private health insurance companies are willing to cover acupuncture because I was not aware of this, myself before she informed me and such information would directly influence whether or not I looked into acupuncture.
Janice has begun implementing some of these SEO and social media marketing strategies and has since built new acupuncture website templates. She has been so grateful to me for the 75 percent increase in hits her acupuncture websites have received. I told her that, in return, she can hook me up with a couple free acupuncture sessions and we would be even.

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